Life's Impressions

During the funeral service is when we let the deceased take the stage for one last time. We want to pay tribute to someone we loved so much by letting them come to life once more through our words. But how do you fit someone's life into a ten-minute speech? 

Every person leaves unique and precious impressions in this world. Highlighting these impressions is what I focus on as a speaker.

Tell me your story, and I will find the right words for a heartfelt and personal eulogy that reflects on your feelings, as well as precious moments you shared.

Together we will create a ritual that truly honors the memory of your loved one.

How I work

We meet at your house, the house of the deceased, or a café. You tell me your story, show me pictures, keepsakes, or whatever else you deem important to give me a feeling for who your loved one was.

Maybe you have ideas about personal rituals, music, or other contributions to the service. I am happy to help you find your personal way to say goodbye.

I write a personal eulogy, in German or English, following your stories and ideas.

At the service, I deliver the eulogy and guide you through the ceremony. 

I am not a religious person myself, but if you want me to, I am happy to include prayers or spiritual elements.  

You would like to speak at the funeral yourself, but can't seem to find the right words? We can find them together, and I will write a speech for you to deliver.

A personal eulogy is a unique farewell to your loved one, as well as a way to help you deal with your grief. Both things are well-deserved at the end of our big narration of life. 


Listen to me speak in English and German here.

I wrote about how I became a funeral speaker here.

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